Askutron - The Quiz Show Game

Screenshot of Askutron

Askutron is a trivia game for up to 8 players on PC & consoles that can be played with gamepads and/or mobile devices featuring fully voiced questions using a synthetic speech engine.

  • thousands of fully voiced questions in English, German, and Russian
  • supports keyboard, game pads and mobile devices as controllers
  • up to 8 players locally and online
  • 5 different question modes
  • 8 selectable characters
  • various buzzer sounds

The project involves not only the game itself, which is developed with Unity, but several other components:

  • a Rails-based web application for managing and serving quiz questions and their audio files
  • a React Native app for joining the game via phone or tablet instead of game pad
  • a Scala-based WebSocket server that connects the game to mobile clients and other desktop clients for the online mode