We are the Kahl brothers, Markus & Mathias, a duo of software developers who aim to create fun multiplayer games.

We both have day jobs and work on our Goldsaucer projects after that. Maybe some day Goldsaucer will be our main business. We are not quite there, yet, however. After a hard day of work we put in some more work to realise our dream games.

On this website we run our blog about the things we do with Goldsaucer. We also do and write about other things. But currently we are mainly occupied with developing our quiz game called Askutron: Quiz Show.

Mathias Kahl

Mathias is a consultant working in Berlin, Germany.

Twitter: @Bunkerbewohner1
GitHub: Bunkerbewohner

Markus Kahl

Markus is a core developer for OpenProject. He is based in Durham, UK. But you can regularly find him in Berlin, too.

Twitter: @machisuji
GitHub: machisuji